How can we help you ?

You can visit our 3 offices in The Hague to register. It is also possible to register via the website. We will contact you as soon as a suitable job is found.

To register you can fill in the registration form at the office. Please also bring your proof of identity, BSN and account number.

The salary shall be submitted before commencement of the work and shall be in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement, unless indicated otherwise.

Every week Euro Start transfers the salary to your bank account. When you make the payment you will be informed about the week in question.

The salary specifications are sent to your e-mail every week. You can also log in via www.eurostartuzb.nl and view your salary specifications.

This will show your total salary (including allowances), the number of hours worked and what taxes and social security contributions have been deducted from the salary.

Furthermore, the gross amount you have accrued in holiday allowance, days off and other reservations is stated.

In addition to your gross salary, you will receive holiday pay. You will find this amount in the form of a reservation on your salary specification.
In addition, you build up other reserves per hour worked.
These are intended to continue to pay you if you wish to take a day off, during short-term absenteeism, on recognised public holidays and if you take special leave.
These reservations can also be found in your salary specification.

There is no statutory regulation for reimbursement of travel expenses and an employer is therefore not obliged to reimburse travel expenses.
The amount of any travel allowance depends on the agreements with (and arrangements with) the client and is subject to tax rules.
Euro Start also manages its own fleet of vehicles, which can be used.

If you are ill, you must report this to your Euro Start contact person before 07.30 hrs. Euro Start reports you sick to the UWV and this institution will take care of everything for you.
If you do not report sick in time, this may have consequences for your benefit.
Please note: as soon as you are better, you must inform both Euro Start and the UWV.

If you want to take a holiday or a day off, you should first consult your Euro Start contact person well in advance, so that your days off can be taken into account in the planning. You can login at www.eurostartuzb.nl to apply for holiday/leave or fill in and submit the holiday/leave form at the office.

At the beginning of each year, an annual statement of your earned salary will be sent by e-mail.
This annual statement is important when completing a tax return.
If you have worked briefly in the past year – for example only during the holiday period – you are often entitled to a refund of premiums and income tax.

Every employee who is older than 21 years and who has worked for Euro Start B.V. for more than 26 weeks participates in the pension scheme.