If you choose Euro Start, you choose to smoothen your work process. Euro Start not only provides flex workers, but can also provide support for flexible work. The relationship manager and company manager will be present every week for a number of moments to supervise the work. In a communication triangle including you as a business owner, we have one common goal namely the constant improvement of your work process (quality, quantity, norms and values). The costs for the support are included in the offer price.

Since 2007, we have been working with our optimization concept. Together with the client we look at the combination of the various factors that can mean an optimization of the production and work process.

This requires continuous monitoring of the work process, this way you can adjust the process based of valuable insights.

This process can save you 5 to 20 percent on your labor costs.

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in greenhouse horticulture, we can promise you one thing: we come and bring something, instead of fetch something.
We leave the tie out, we prefer a no-nonsense approach.
With rolled up sleeves, market insight, an efficient view of processes and effective deployment of resources.

Your advantage: we give you the guarantee of higher returns and make your savings opportunities visible free of charge.

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Our working method

We use two working methods to help you save on costs.

Orange Floormanager

Euro Start ensures that one temporary employee in the team is present on the work floor as the responsible floor manager. This temporary employee can be recognised by the orange Euro Start T-shirt and is paid extra by Euro Start. The rest of the team wears a blue T-shirt. In this way it is clear to the team and the beginners who they can contact in case of questions, illness and problems. The orange floor manager has direct contact with the coordinator at the Euro Start office. This method is only used when using a minimum of 8 temporary employees.

Bonus system

Euro Start works with a bonus system. When temporary workers work faster and harder while delivering the right quality, they receive a small contribution on top of their salary. The client decides every week which employee can receive this contribution.

All employees start with a standard white name badge. This means that they receive their salary excluding the bonus. If an employee is allowed to receive a bonus, he/she receives a net payment of €1,- per hour. The employee who receives this bonus receives a green sticker on his name badge.

If needed,it is also possible to warn employees who are not performing the work properly or who are absent for no reason. The temployee will then receive a red sticker on the name badge.

They now save on costs